Truck stops

Most trucks, by law must stop every 12 to 14 hours and rest as a safety measure. 

To assist truck drivers, State Governments have installed truck and car rest stops on the side of the highways throughout the country. Many other travellers including RV and caravanners also appreciate having a place, off the road to rest and take a break.

The dedicated ‘Truck Stops’ are NOT designed as free camp sites and generally caravans and RV’s are not permitted. 

In Queensland unless signposted otherwise, overnight stays are NOT permitted. 

There are general use rest areas that can be used by trucks, cars and recreational vehicles.    

Truck drivers, as regular drivers on these roads, are fully aware of the location of these truck stops and plan their trips so that they can be reached at a certain time to stay within the legal driving periods - otherwise they risk a very heavy fine. 

Trucks and B-Doubles need wide and long spaces to enter, park and leave the rest areas. Often the trucks will arrive at the rest areas in the middle of the night when most travellers are sleeping.

As expected, the truck drivers can get very upset if they are driving a long B-Double truck and arrive at the truck stop and find one or more RVs or caravans parked in the middle of the stopping bay.  

In some cases the thoughtlessness of the van or RV driver may not allow room for the long B-double to park behind or in front of the van. This may mean the truck driver has to decide whether to drive on to the next stop, however he may not have enough driving hours left to get there. 

If you must stop in the truck stopping bays please have the courtesy to park at one of the ends of the bay so as to leave plenty of room for the long trucks that the stops were designed for. 

This video explains why - 

Caravanners and RV’s should park in close proximity so as to allow uninterrupted space for the large trucks. 

Many trucks also have noisy refrigeration motors and air brakes that will not make the truck stop a pleasant place to sleep in a van or RV. 

Don’t complain as the truck stops are designed for trucks to stop at, not caravans and RV’s, so if you are woken by a refrigeration motor beside your van, you only have yourself to blame. 

Remember the trucks also need plenty of turning room, so don’t park in any turning bays or areas and allow plenty of space for them to turn into and out of the truck stops. 

Simply have a good look before stopping and blocking someone else. 

“The police were called to one truck stop when it was full of caravanners and no room for the truck driver to take his regulated rest. He couldn’t drive any further and couldn’t pull of the road to stop. The police cleared the truck stop in the middle of the night so that the truck driver could rest.” 

There are plenty of places an RV or caravan can stop without blocking the trucks from their designated stopping bays.  

Being Truck Friendly will help ensure all get a peaceful rest so we can all stay safe on the roads.