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Just a very small selection of the extremely positive and supportive feedback we have been receiving through the web site. Thank you all for your support and comments. It means so much to know my work is appreciated. – Ken

G'day Ken, This program sounds great and I hope it is a really big success….. Good luck and well done coming up with a great plan, Cheers Rick - April 2019

We have travelled from southern Victoria up the centre to Darwin and down the west coast through Margaret River and two trips to Queensland and out back NSW. only limited ourselves to 3 hours driving before setting up for the night and towing 19ft caravan. during our travels had found 98% of truckies were very pleased and appreciated our understanding, thanks to truckie son having 14 years driving B/doubles and giving me a good insight to what and not do for Truckies. - Doug - Sept 2018

Love your site, and your commitment to making the roads safer and more friendly between truckers and RVs. I would love one or 2 of those stickers to put on our caravan. I am proud to say that I am a very courteous driver at all times and specially when towing. It took hubby some time to get use to me communicating with trucks on CH40 to let them know I am aware they are behind me and will pull aside at the earliest safe spot to let them get on with there trip. (Hubby grew up in the UK and spent 50yrs. In the merchant navy, and I am the passenger from HELL so I do 99% of the driving). Happy to say that I have been towing Caravans of one size or another for 25yrs. With no accident. Many Thanks, Monika - April 2019

Hi Ken, Great initiative, we spend about 6 months a year on the road in our Avan Aspire 555, towed by a Mazda BT50. A bit of common sense and courtesy, unfortunately not always that common, goes a long way into making the sharing of the road a fairly painless experience. I feel that some travellers lose sight of the fact that we are holidaying where truckies are trying to earn a living, it isn't any wonder that their frustration levels can sometimes go through the roof……..Dave - April 2019

What a good idea.  Paul – April 2019

Gday Ken, great initiative. I always have the radio on Ch 40 when towing on the highways but found most of the use North of the NSW border. ……… I have shared your website to the Jayco Journey owners fb page so the message can get further out there. Russell – March 2019

Hi Ken what a great Idea I wish you every success with this a lot is just plane common sense, I always have the radio on and talk to the truck drivers behind and try and make life a little easier for them as they are working and I am not. when I have the drivers say thanks and comment that they wish all caravaners had the same attitude it is a good feeling when you get told that, let me know where to get the book and sticker and it will be put on the back of the van. Regards Phil – August 2018

Hi Ken, I think this is an excellent program and will promote it through our Queensland Retreat Caravan Owners Club. I saw a very similar presentation at a caravan rally in Mudgee 2 years ago but can't remember the presenters name, but I adopted his recommendations re UHF 40 signage size and I always converse with truckies on the road and find it very easy and safe by talking to them. Question: when will you have the stickers available? I think they a great way of promoting co-operation between truckies and caravannners. Cheers, Steve – January 2019

Hi, we drive a Volvo 37' bus plus trailer and we would love to display the Truck Friendly sticker. We have read the program and fully respect and agree with it. We live in Echuca Victoria. How do we obtain a sticker thank you. Tony & Cheryl – May 2019