About Ken Wilson & Can you support us?


Hi, I'm Ken Wilson, creator of the Truck Friendly Program

The program was originally written for the Queensland market due in part to the annual 'Grey Nomad' season, where thousands of caravanners and RVs join our roads as they migrate from the colder southern states into sunny Queensland and beyond for a warmer winter.

As a caravan owner myself, I have seen both sides of the argument between who is right and who is wrong in the Truck verses caravan debate on our roads. 

As you may be aware statistics show 93% of all fatal car verses truck accidents are the fault of the car whether they have a caravan in tow or not. 

Countless hours are wasted by truck drivers who are slowed to arrive at their destination on time or pushed out of truck stops, due to caravanners not knowing how to or not wanting to help trucks on the roads. This forces many truck drivers to spend extra time on the roads away from family.

Currently, people can buy a caravan, hook it up behind their car or 4x4 and tow it around Australia without any formal training of any sort. The result is a severe lack of knowledge on how their 13 + meter rig and can affect other road users including the lifeblood of our country; the trucking industry. It should also be remembered that many caravan and RV owners are aging retirees in holiday mode, and additional factors such as slowed reflexes and other medical concerns can also have an impact.

A small amount of education on what to do, and what not to do, will go a long way to making our roads safer and less stressful for all road users.

I have written the ‘Truck Friendly’ program to help with this education and am looking for support to launch it nationally. 

The program is currently sponsored by:

RV Lifestyle Village Oceanside

An exciting and new over 50's residential village in Burnett Heads, Queensland, designed specifically for active travelers. RV Lifestyle Village Oceanside have come on board as our major sponsor and have funded the printing of our stickers to ensure that they are free for our program members. 

Bundaberg Regional Council (BRC)

BRC have been very supportive of our program and have funded the production of flyers to be given to those interested in learning more about the program.  

Caravanning Queensland 

One of the peak industry bodies in this state for caravan dealers, manufacturers, camping suppliers, service providers, as well as caravan park operators.  They have contributed to the production and distribution of stickers. 

CIL Caravan and RV Insurance are also supporters of our program. 

Preparing to Launch:

 A number of state-wide launches are planned in Autumn 2019. 

Following the launch, a number of media opportunities both tv, online and print will be engaged to further promote the program. 

Caravanners are a social bunch and this can be used to our advantage at 4 o’clock drinks when others see the large sticker on the back of the van and ask about it.

Promotion of the project through the trucking companies to their drivers will also assist greatly in a cooperative and understanding attitude from all road users. 

Can you help?

 Currently, I am doing this as a private citizen with my own funds and time.

I am very grateful for the support and input from our sponsors, however I still require assistance with costs and photographs that may be suitable for our site and print material. If you or your organisation would like to help, please get in touch. 

As a private citizen, I cannot access the many Government funding grants available for projects such as this that may be accessible to community not for profit organisations and corporations.

Thank you and I look forward to any feedback or offers of assistance you may have.

Cheers, Ken.

Program Sponsors

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