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Truck Friendly?

The Truck Friendly Program.

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As a caravanner myself, I love the lifestyle, however, I have seen many incidents involving caravans, RV’s and trucks on our highways and urban streets that have put lives at risk. Many have been caused by just not understanding how to work with other road users like the trucks on our roads.

In up to 93% of truck verses car accidents, 

the driver of the car was totally responsible.


Source :- NTARC – 2017 Major Accident Investigation Report

Many people today follow the dream of travelling around Australia or on holidays towing a caravan or driving an RV with caravan and RV sales increasing dramatically in recent years.

Often the people who can afford the cost of the caravan and the cost of time to enjoy the lifestyle are nearing or who have entered retirement. Some retirees often have slower reflexes, may be on medication and have little or no experience in towing a large caravan on our highways.

Many want to, and believe that they are doing the right thing but most have never been inside the cab of a large semi-trailer to see just what really happens.

The Truck Friendly program is designed to help these drivers understand how they can be friendly to the huge number of truck drivers on our highways so that all get home safely.

Stay safe.

Ken Wilson

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