Truck Friendly Caravan Road Safety Program.

Truck Friendly Caravan Road Safety Program.

Truck Friendly Caravan Road Safety Program. Truck Friendly Caravan Road Safety Program. Truck Friendly Caravan Road Safety Program.

How can you be Truck Friendly?

How it all started.


‘Truck Friendly’ is a national caravan road safety program designed to help encourage road safety education, cooperation and a friendlier and supportive relationship between all road users including caravanners, RV drivers and the truck drivers on our highways and suburban roads.

We need to remove the ‘Us and Them’ mentality that currently exists on our highways."

As a caravanner myself, I love the lifestyle, however, I have seen many incidents involving caravans, RVs and trucks on our highways and urban streets that have put lives at risk. Many have been caused by drivers just not understanding how to work with other road users.

In up to 93% of truck verses car accidents, the driver of the car was totally responsible.  (Source :- NTARC – 2017 Major Accident Investigation Report)

Many people today follow the dream of travelling around Australia or going on holidays towing a caravan or driving an RV. Indeed, interest in caravan and RVs  has increased dramatically in recent years. 

This can sometimes mean those behind the wheel have little or no experience in towing a large caravan on our highways. There are also limited sources of non-sales based caravan safety advice. 

Whilst drivers may believe that they are doing the right thing on the road, most have never experienced being inside the cab of a large semi-trailer and seen what impact inexperienced and inappropriate driving can have on our truck drivers and their lives in general.

The Truck Friendly program is designed to help all drivers understand how they can be friendly to the huge number of truck drivers on our highways so that we all get home safely.

Truck Friendly also provides very useful advice and information on general caravan safety including loading your caravan and tow vehicle, tyres, avoiding dangerous caravan sway and many other aspects of towing a caravan safely on our roads. 

It is a great guide for new  and experienced caravanners alike.

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I hope you find this website to be informative and I invite you to join me in becoming a 'Truck Friendly' road safety advocate. 

Stay safe.

Ken Wilson


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